Who We Are

Network Design Services Ltd is an Engineering Design Consultancy who are experts in the infrastructure design for the mobile telecoms sector. We are proud to say that we have been involved in the crucial roll out and upgrade projects with all of the UK network providers since the company was formed in 2008. NDS can be trusted to provide the highest quality Engineering design solutions nationwide for your business.

Our services

Engineering Design Solutions / Site Surveys / CAD Drawing Production / Structural Design Calculations

  • Site Surveys/MSV’s (Rooftop/Greenfield/Streetworks/In-Build Telecoms Sites)
  • Engineering Design Solutions (Structural/Electrical/Mechanical)
  • CAD Drawing Production (Planning/Detailed Design/ As-Built)
  • Engineering Design Calculations (Including MSTower Lattice Tower Analysis/Tekla Structural Designer Grillage Analysis Software)
  • Engineering Inspections/Structural Assessments/Report Production
  • GRP Scans/Statutory Services Checks
  • Electrical designs and Surveys

Tower Analysis/Design/Strengthening/Equipment Audits/Structural Safety Audits and Certification

  • Tower Climb and Structural Measurement
  • Tower Analysis (using MSTower specialist software)
  • Tower GDC Report Production
  • Tower Strengthening Design
  • Tower Foundation Checks
  • Monopole Analysis and Design
  • Guyed Mast Analysis (using MSTower specialist software)
  • Tower Equipment Audits
  • Tower Condition Surveys/Safe to Climb Certification

PANS/Photomontages/Line of Sight Surveys

  • PAN Surveys/Report Production
  • Photomontages
  • Line of Sight Survey